Significant Cases



Disclaimer: The cases listed below are cited for the purpose of illustration only. Nothing cited herein should be construed as a representation that a similar result can be achieved in any particular or similar case. 

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2015 Jefferson County – Homeowner suffered vandalism to her residence.  Insurance company assessed the damage and offered $29,000.00 as settlement. Homeowner declined and retained counsel.  Settled for $131,000.00.

2014 Jefferson County – Husband and wife injured while riding a motorcycle. $200,000.00 settlement.

2013 Talladega County – Worker injured when he fell from the roof of homeowner’s home.  Homeowner negligent in the design of structure and failing to safeguard worker. $150,000.00 settlement.

2011 Jefferson County – Client involved in a motor vehicle accident. Client had shoulder pain, but did not require surgery. Before hiring an attorney, client was offered $1,000.00 by the claim adjuster. Client declined. Adjuster increased offer to $1,600.00. Client declined, but would have accepted $5,000.00. Client retained the firm to handle the matter to conclusion. Case settled months later, without filing suit, for $47,500.00.

2009 Jefferson County Circuit Court – Birmingham Division – Client fractured her right femur in a motorcycle accident after she collided with another motorcycle. The offending driver had been drinking at a local club.  Lawsuit against the club resulted in a judgment of $202,000.00. Claim against the driver settled pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement.

2008 Marion County Circuit Court – Plaintiff suffered a broken tibia in an auto accident when a drunk driver pulled from private property into the path of the plaintiff. Verdict for the client in the amount of $2,000,000.00.

2008 United States District Court – Trucking accident case, settled prior to trial $211,000.00

2007 – Client injured on the job when he fell from the bed of a flatbed tow truck. Two different law firms rejected the case. Case settled for $100,000.00.