Motorcycle Accident and Injury


Have you been in a accident involving your motorcycle or someone else’s?

More motorcyclists are injured or killed in multi-vehicle crashes than drivers of other vehicles. Motorcycle accidents resulted in 103,000 injuries in 2007. Most motorcycle injuries occur to the head and neck and often affect the brain and spinal cord. Internal organs frequently sustain serious damage, and 22% of injuries involve the legs and feet.

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur because other motorists do not yield to the motorcyclist, especially during heavy traffic or after dark. Most are struck in the front, and are particularly vulnerable to vehicles making left turns when the motorcycle is going straight ahead or attempting to pass another vehicle.

Some  accidents do not involve other motor vehicles. Single vehicle accidents are caused by unrestrained dogs, poor road conditions, including debris or other litter obstructing the roadway. Potholes and other highway defects also cause single vehicle accidents.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Birmingham or anywhere in Alabama, an Alabama motorcycle lawyer at Simms and Associates is ready to help.