Defective Product Liability Lawyer


Defective Product Liability

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe products. Unfortunately, some consumer products are harmful. Injuries from defective consumer products cause 28,200 deaths a year, and product recalls are often too late to prevent injuries or deaths.

Appliances, playpens, light fixtures, household chemicals, automobiles, and other consumer products are sometimes substandard, and can cause fires or pose mechanical, chemical, and health risks that lead to injury or death.

Victims of defective products are entitled to compensation for wrongful death, loss of wages, medical expenses, and for pain and mental anguish. A Birmingham, Alabama product liability lawyer at Simms and Associates knows that designers of products, manufacturers of products, wholesalers, and retailers are responsible for defective products that can cause injury or death to consumers. A product liability lawyer will hold the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer responsible for negligence or breach of warranty. Contact Simms and Associates today.