Bicycle Accident Injury

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Have you or a family member suffered an injury involving a bicycle in Birmingham?

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Cyclists encounter dangerous situations when traveling alongside cars, trucks, and tractor trailers. Traffic crashes killed 630 cyclists and injured 51,000 throughout the United States in 2009. In Alabama, 3 cyclists were killed and 151 were injured. Of the 151 injuries, 71 were incapacitating. Crash victims often require hospitalization and sometimes suffer traumatic brain injuries. Exorbitant medical bills and loss of income create additional hardship.

Driver negligence causes nearly all motor vehicle-related bike collisions. Most occur when a motor vehicle is exiting an alley, driveway, or side road on the right. The vehicle hits the cyclist or the cyclist rams into the vehicle. Often a careless driver or passenger opens a car door without looking, and a passing cyclist crashes into the door. Defective bikes, potholes, road obstructions, and distracted cyclists also cause accidents. Click here to see a list of additional causes of motor vehicle related bicycle accidents.

Attorney Derek Simms has been cycling for over 20 years and fights aggressively for the rights of cyclists throughout the Southeast.  He shares these tips he has found useful in surviving on Alabama’s roadways.

  1. Ride in a group – Riding in a group improves visibility and deters aggressive motorists.  The same holds true for motorcycle riding.
  2. Make yourself visible – Flashing LED’s, brightly colored clothing and front headlights, even during the day, can catch the attention of the inattentive motorist.
  3. Carry a cell phone – your cell phone can be a life saving device if your are struck and seriously injured by a hit and run motorist. It can also help police stop the responsible party as he/she tries to flee the scene.
  4. Don’t “ride the line” – stay about 3 feet to the left of the right “fog line.” Riding the line encourages overtaking vehicles to squeeze by you despite oncoming vehicles. The goal is to force an overtaking vehicle to move into the oncoming lane to pass, and to do so only when it is safe.


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