$2,000,000 Awarded in Case

Marion County Circuit Court – Plaintiff suffered a broken tibia in an auto accident when a drunk driver pulled from private property into the path of the plaintiff. Verdict for the client in the amount of $2,000,000.00.

Awarded: $2,000,000

$202,000 Motorcycle Accident

Jefferson County Circuit Court – Birmingham Division – Client fractured her right femur in a motorcycle accident after she collided with another motorcycle. The offending driver had been drinking at a local club.  Lawsuit against the club resulted in a judgment of $202,000.00. Claim against the driver settled pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement.


Awarded: $202,000

$211,000 Trucking accident case

United States District Court – Trucking accident case, settled prior to trial $211,000.00

Awarded: $211,000